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About CWL

City Water and Light is one of a kind, in that, in Arkansas it is the only municipal improvement district set up which serves water, sewer and electricity to its citizens. The major advancements made by this utility can be contributed to conservative, but progressive leadership through its managers and the board of directors who have been willing to look to the future with the interests of Jonesboro in mind. This is evident by the existence of excess capacity in all three utilities and some of the lowest rates in the nation.

"City Water And Light's Goal Is To Continue To Meet The Needs Of A Growing Community And Provide Its Services At The Lowest Cost Consistent With Sound Business Practices."

CWL's goal is to continue to meet the needs of a growing community and provide its services at the lowest cost consistent with sound business practices. Currently we have approximately 39,000 electric customers, 37,700 water customers (including 6,000 rural), 25,300 sewer customers and a city population of almost 71,500.